The KKreato Group. want to share with you how this game was developed in the minds of the wise men who were involved. The group have always wanted to produce a game that wasn't to realistic and difficult to produce and not to pixel-art fashioned and simple. The group had heard of The Pokémon Essentials Kit in early 2010 when we believe it was very early in its release, they liked the concept and tried playing around with it but then RMXP, the software to create Pokémon fan games had updated and the Groups existing work was no longer compatible with the new version and got bored of it too. This time KKreato Group. want to finish an entire game and they started on 20th January 2012 and hope to have it completed in under 8 months time. Only time will tell if they will be able to complete it by then. They were interested last year in Minecraft and made a Youtube channel to create videos sorrounding the game but didn't end up doing so and now will be using it as there channel for future updates on Page Pokémon District. The KKreato Group. are and will be dedicated for the production of this game.

Development of Name

Brainstorm names

Development of Names and Ideas behind them on Microsoft Word 2007.

Several Ideas for names where put across the five on the left are the the best five that were decided by the team. All up 24 names were thought up but 12 of them were stupid and unconsiderable, 4 of them were too harsh and made no sense to the game and 3 of them weren't great. When they had thought about District it clicked a spark in the head of the director of KKreato Group, Kevin O'Connor, "this is the one, I know it is, I have a brilliant basic idea" Well basic for a man with a super imagination. The rest of the group agreed and the name was set in concrete. Now the name will be the base of what the games has to offer.

Development of Story

The Story wasn't at all made by Kevin O'Connor, the remaining members collaborated and made the storyline. This is how they built it. Using an iPad and a drawing application similar to Paint, this image was made.


Ideas for storyline - Not set in concrete can change and/or alter.

The things written in this image are the basic ideas put through but not the the distinct high detailed ideas in the story that way, people won't be disappointed if something isn't included. The full storyline will be released closer to the release date.


Development of Ending

The ending is still to be decided and will not be released to the public, unless you play and find out. :D

Kevin Pique 08:58, January 21, 2012 (UTC)KKreato Group.

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