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Welcome to the Pokémon District WikiEdit

This is the official home of Pokémon: District. This is where the game will be released and talked about.

Pokémon Fan Game - But not made in a traditional sense of the existing Pokémon games.Edit

Pokémon District is definitely not the same as the games officially released by the creators of Pokémon. The traditional story about a boy/girl catching all the Pokémon in the world and becoming the best trainer is not the aim in District. Here you are trying to save Pokémon from the torture and brutality of the people because they have lost the respect of the creatures and you must bring a balance to the relationship with them and humans. But this brutality and torture is particularly bad in an area known as The District. And thats the overall summary of the stroyline and what it is all about. Remember this game is like no other Pokémon game.

Future DevelopmentsEdit

The game will be created completely without maximum aesthetic looks but as we are able to find the graphics and tilesets that we need to make this a wonderful and brilliant game then we will update it and bring the 4th and 5th generation Pokémon and items and moves and so on and introduce new scripts and all the fancy stuff.

A Nintendo DS Style Version will be created afterwards with the dual screen but it may take some while after the first release of the original version for that to come out.

If anyone has any tilesets and graphics available to give it a fresher and newer feel than those that come with the Pokémon Essentials Kit then please let me now through and that will be greatly appreciated.

Latest activityEdit

27/01/2012 - Preview of Starter Town and is completed for the time being, work continues but with one minor problem look here to see what it is and help us. 23/01/2012 - Pokémon District Starter Pokémon are published. Game work continues.

22/01/2012 - Work begins on game - addition of some Pokémon from HG/SS and/or D/P and new items, added. Player's Home commences.

21/01/2012 - Research Begins - Some Graphics replaced from original look, new updated graphics attempted to be found (HG/SS or D/P) but no luck. Own graphics to be created in future.

20/01/2012 - Beginning of Project - General Ideas of the Game brainstormed and developed.


I would like to thank Poccil and Flameguru + all those that helped them created the Pokémon Essentials Kit which is very popular and please tell me if I've missed anyone when the demo is released.

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